Perpetuals trading requires fast finality and low gas prices, even more so than trading spot, considering extra mechanisms such as on-chain liquidations and funding fees. Having the Ethereum mainnet as the sole blockchain for processing perpetuals affects onboarding trading and liquidity provision to Qilin. In addition, Optimism currently lacks perpetuals trading infrastructure and not deploying on L2 solutions like Optimism invites other protocols to fill the spot.

On Optimism

Optimism currents supports > 3000 ERC-20 token contracts and only has one perpetuals trading protocol with limited marketplace scalability. Deploying Qilin V2 on Optimism would mean perpetuals trading capabilities for these assets and enrich Optimism’s derivatives landscape.

Next Steps

This proposal opens discussions for L2 deployment of Qilin V2 following up the previous community requests for L2. Indicate your interest for Qilin V2 moving forward with a deployment on Optimism.




Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading.