Qilin Pixiu Public Testnet

2 min readNov 2, 2022

In Pixiu, the general trading principle is that the predicted position in the right direction will earn the tokens of the position predicted in the wrong direction, but if there is no counterparty, the position will not generate profit or loss due to price fluctuations.

You can find more information about Self-Liquidity Mode here: Introducing A New Model of Defi Derivatives: Self-Liquidity

Qilin Pixiu Public Testnet

Claim your chips and trade to earn at most three NFTs.

Prize pool: three types of NFT

  • Trading Master
  • Active Trader
  • Bug Reporter

Test here 👉 https://rc.qilin.fi/nft/
Chain: Optimism

How to get three NFTs?

Step1: You can claim free chips every three days, 5 times in total.


  • Trading Master: Each trading round lasts for 3 days, with a snapshot taken at 8:00 UTC on the last day. The top 3 profitable traders will be eligible for a “Trading Master” NFT, which can be claimed and viewed within 24 hours after each round ends.
  • Active User: Be an active trader. The Qilin team will announce the rules and the addresses of those eligible to claim the “Active User” NFT after the event.
  • Bug Reporter: Report Bugs through here.

Step3: Claim (Disclaimer: Each NFT can only be claimed once. )

Bug criteria

There are three levels of bugs according to the severity of the vulnerability. Report here👉 https://forms.gle/YStuZwpdwDrLaXW67


1. Defective contracts can lead to theft or loss of funds

2. The contract is defective, causing the normal process execution to be blocked


1. Failed to execute transaction for unknown reasons

2. Data display error

3. The frontend crashes


1. Poor interactive experience

2. Information leakage




Decentralized risk-optimizing protocol for derivatives trading.