Supernova NFT Campaign for Qilin V2 Public Testnet Successfully Concluded

3 min readApr 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Supernova NFT campaign for Qilin V2 public testnet, validating the readiness for Qilin V2 mainnet launch. Thank you all for engaging with us and giving us an immense amount of support ❤️

Overview of the Testnet

The Supernova NFT Campaign was jointly launched by Qilin Protocol and Math Wallet, receiving an overwhelming amount of participants numbering up to 8,400+ users.

For Qilin V2 Public Testnet, we have set up 3 tiers of tasks for testers to complete. Upon the completion of these tasks, users may gain the access to collect three kinds of exclusive Qilin NFT fragments — Hearthstone, Crystal, Golden Touch — each corresponding to one tier of tasks. 2031 users who have collected all three NFT fragments will be eligible to mint a Qilin Supernova NFT. Here are the final results:

We also have airdrops exclusive for Math Wallet NFT holders. 300 NFT fragments have already been airdropped to 300 lucky winners. There will also be 5 Math Wallet holders that will be dropped with a Supernova NFT with Qilin x Math exclusive brand feature. These NFTs share the same ecosystem benefits as the regular Supernova NFT but with increased rarity.

Feedback & Improvements

We have received 40+ bug reports and suggestions from our testers, including front-end error, product features, page adaption, interactive experience etc,. We are very grateful for the valuable feedback which helped developers to made improvements in security and usability of Qilin Protocol.

As for the issues encountered, we attach great importance and have been dealing with them. Here are some noteworthy bugs that have been completely debugged:

  1. Est. Pnl shows +-12030: Inconsistent transmission of front-end and back-end parameters
  2. Remove liquidity received negative tokens: A user’s operation of transferring LP tokens was not monitored
  3. Inconsistent position data display: Error in calculation of data returned by two interfaces

Issues & Solutions

We are sorry that there were two testnet suspensions during the testing period, which resulted bad user experiences.

On March 21, 2022 10:59:12 AM UTC time, our V2 testnet experienced a service blackout regarding its FOX/OWL pool. After investigation, we discovered that the suspension of service occurred due to an overload issue in the microservice on Qilin’s subgraph, which has been completely resolved.

On March 27, 2022 07:30 PM UTC time, our testnet frontend page didn’t display due to an issue with the Amazon cloud node. It is a small probability event.

During the above two issues, there was no problem with our contract that the calculation of the contract wasn’t affected and our service didn’t stop.

What’s Next

Qilin V2 mainnnet is about to launch.We will hold community AMAs up next to answer all the questions our community has about V2. In the meantime, we have a full pipeline packed this year for new releases such as:

  • Qilin V2 BSC launch with additional features;
  • Ecosystem expansion with DEX frontend;
  • Qilin V3 proof-of-concept and dev.

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